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Display a user name on a Phone all the time

I have been asked If I can display a name on a phone, I tell them no, only on phone calls. Now I see this PDF on the web.


Above the FROM there is I assume the name of the associated user, How do I do this? is this SCCP or SIP? Or am I just seeing a photoshoped phone image.

Thank you.

CUCM 7.x


Re: Display a user name on a Phone all the time

if the user number 1000

you can add it to the line label text in the line setting page

for example

usernmae - 1000

this ext will apear on the user's line on the ip phone screen

not sure if this is wt u'r looking for

good luck

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Re: Display a user name on a Phone all the time


This is a very real feature.  You can program it on the phone line.  You actually have a few places where you can provide the name of the user.  A quick breakdown.

PhoneA Calls PhoneB.  PhoneB sees the name and number of the user at Phone A:

From Neal Haas

PhoneB calls PhoneA.  sees the name and number of the user at PhoneB

To Neal Haas

There are two line settings that control this behavior.

For scenario one, to display your name to the remote party, you will modify the parameter "Display (Internal Caller ID)".  You will find this on the configuration page for the directory number.  Scroll down to the area that says Line on device .  Where is the button/line appearance and is the SEPxxxxx device name.  If you have shared lines, you can have a different display on each instance of a shared line.  For example, if you and I share extension 5000 and I call another user, it may display "Engineering - Bill" and when you call from the same line it can say "Engineering - Neal".  In both cases it would display the same phone number.

For scenario two, to display your name of the line being called to the caller, you will modify the paramter "Alerting name".  You will see this parameter at the top of the directory number configuration page, below the directory number and partition settings.

There is also a way to display a name on the phone during steady state.  Meaning, no calls being placed or received.  This is controlled by the line setting "Line Text Label".  This is located on the directory number configuration page. At the bottom of the page, below the "Display" and "ASCII Display" settings.

Oh, in regards to SCCP vs. SIP.  The settings operate in the same way.




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