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display my caller id to called phones


On a french CCME.

I defined ephone-dn like this :

ephone-dn 1

number 401 secondary 0258

401 is an internal number

0258 is an external number (it's really 01258780258, but I only recevie the 4 last digit on my isdn port)

When I call a (external) phone, other party say that the received number is "401"

How can I send the number 0258 ? (I hope with that, my telco transmit the full number 0125878 + 0258)

the primary number is always sended.

p.s. I can't use dial-plan pattern, my external number are too strange

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Re: display my caller id to called phones


first of all, it is strange that you can send an arbitrary number as caller-id, so far beside some case in the US, this is the first time I hear that.

Anyway. The calling number is always the primary, so you may think of swapping primary with secondary.

Then, why is that you cannot use dial-plan pattern? Why the numbers are too strange? Can you make an example ?

If you cannot use dial-plan then a translation-rule is necessary, but first would need to understand what is the strange part about the numbers.

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Re: display my caller id to called phones

Yes, it's strange ...

And if, from Frans, I call to Belgium, the displayed number is 33401 (0033 = French)

I'm looking for swapping

In Belgium, I have external number like from 056213201 to 056213229

So I have a diaplan-pattern to map 3.. to 0562132..

It's easy and "normal"

In frans, I can't receive a serie of consecutive number from my telco (but why ?)

I have the externals number 0125263214, 0125268964, 0125261234, ...

the 012526 is always the same, but after that, I have 4 other digits.

So, If I would do the same with dialpattern, I must have internally number with 5 digits

And a dialplan like 4.... to 012526....

It's not easy to have internal numbers with 5 digits (not consecutive). And more, ... I have only 4 users.

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Re: display my caller id to called phones


yes telco do strange things at times but we can work around it.

Now, I think you need to send the complete number to telco. If you can assign the extension to the user as the last two (or three) digits given by telco. This makes simple because you can use translation-profile and no secondary

int bri0/0/0

trunk-group bri

int bri0/0/1

trunk-group bri

dial-peer voice 111 pots

destination-pattern 0T

trunkgroup bri

translation-profile outgoing makedid

voice translation-profile makedid

translate calling 100

voice translation-rule 100

rule 1 /14/ /0125263214/

rule 2 /64/ /0125263264/

...etc ...

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Re: display my caller id to called phones

Yes, but if I use that without secondary, I must translate the incoming calls too.

I test to swap primary/secondary.

And if problem, I keep my current config with primary secondary

and translate calling numbers in the outgoing call

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Re: display my caller id to called phones

Correct. But as our fellow shanky suggested to me once, you can have up to five dialplan pattern defined. Since you have just four extension, that may be an easier configuration that translation.

The funny thing is that is very US-style to send DID digits only and accept whatever calling number :)

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