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Distribute Hardware resources in CUCM Cluster


i have 3 7845 CUCM appliances that will serve about 3000 phones. I'd like to know which could be the best services distribution across the 3 appliances.

I have a multisite with centralized call processing and I will create 1 Publisher and 2 Subscribers that will load balance calls through 2 CM groups.

For TFTP, i think i will use the Publisher as primary and 1 Subscriber as secondary (i don't know if is the best choice..)

My doubt is about additional services and which one is the most processor intensive:

- Moh

- Conference (i have no additional hardware for conferencing, so i use CUCM software)

- Annunciator

Which could be the best distribution for the 3 services above ? (and for TFTP also...)

Thank you.

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Re: Distribute Hardware resources in CUCM Cluster

Hi Rob,

I thought that you might find this useful (Table 16);

Cluster Service Activation Node Recommendations

The "Configuring Services" chapter in the Cisco Unified Serviceability Administration Guide does not include the following information that describes service activation recommendations for specific nodes in a cluster. Table 16 provides a general summary of the cluster activation recommendations for a feature service in these nodes: publisher, subscriber, TFTP, and MOH. For specific recommendations that are associated with activating a particular feature service, refer to the Cluster Service Activation Recommendations section in the "Configuring Services" chapter.



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