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Diverting to a number other than voicemail

I have users with 8961's and 9971's that want to be able to take a ringing inbound call and send it to their admins to answer. The idivert function only sends it directly to voicemail. Is anyone aware of a way this can be done?

Currently running CM 8.6.2                  


Re: Diverting to a number other than voicemail

Hi George.
The following post from my friend Rob could hel you.




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Diverting to a number other than voicemail


I donot have any idea about that , i have never ever do something or requested.

CUCM 9.1  iDivert feature. IDivert allows you to essentially divert incomming calls to your extension to your voicemail. The new iDivert now prompts you with a menu to either divert the call o your voicemail or to the voicemail inbox of the extension that may have forwarded the call to your extension.Scenario, Phone A with extension 1001 had CFA set to Phone B with extension 1002. A call comes into Phone A which then is forwarded to Phone B. User at Phone sees that this call is originally for Phone A. By pressing iDivert, Phone B has the option to divert the call to either Phone A’s voicemail or Phone B’s voicemail. Phone B user elects to divert the call to Phone A’s mailbox by toggling to Phone A on the iDivert Menu and pressing Select.

Thank you

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Diverting to a number other than voicemail

Hi George,

you can achivee this by using ECC.

However, it is necessary to have some external routing system.

I can recomend the solution from 2Ring called PHONE SERVICES ( which provides such feature. Need to mention that FREE or TRIAL license is obviously available.

Feel free to take a look there or contact us in case of any questions.



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Re: Diverting to a number other than voicemail

The requirement can be easily be achieved using a 3rd party application

Application user experiance

  • Incomming call lands in user's phone
  • In case user desires to divert the call to another user without answering the call he clicks the application service configured in the phone line button
  • Application prompts user to key-in the DN number of admin
  • On "Submit" the call is diverted to the selected DN(Phone)

The above application and much more can be delivered by Parsec.

Please checkout

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Diverting to a number other than voicemail

There are two options I can think of leveraging the existing features in CUCM.

1. SNR (single number reach)

You can configure a the admin's extension as the remote destination  for the users extension. You also need to ensure you enable mobile connect so the admin's phone ring immediately once the call hit this extension. With this, the user doesnt need to divert the call, the system automatically divert the call to the admin. If the user wants, he/she can pickup the call and it will stop ringing on the admin's phone..

2. The second option is to use iDivert. For this to work, you will need to create a different voice mail profile for these users. Ensure that the VM pilot number on the profile is set to the admin's extension. When the call comes in and the user presses iDivert, it will dial the admin's extension rather than voicemail..

The only caveat to this is that these users wont have voicemail. Because each time they press the message button it will ring the admin's extension

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