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DLU licensing in UCM 8

I have a customer on UCM 7.1 that wants to upgrade to version 8.0 because

he states that the DLU licensing model is different on version

8 versus versions 5-7. 

He was told that in version 8, there is no differences in the number of DLUs required for different models of phones.   I looked at the product features page on Cisco's website for version 8, and It reads that the licensing is the same as with 7.  

Who is correct?


Re: DLU licensing in UCM 8

Version 8 is using the UCL (User Connect Licensing) licensing model which is user based, not DLU based. you still get DLU in the background but the actual license is purchased based on how many users are going to be configured and the DLU count will support that.

Another licensing model that still works is the CUWL which provide a user based license for CM, Unity, Presence and more, based on user count also.

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Re: DLU licensing in UCM 8

Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense with what the customer was told by their Cisco rep.

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