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Do i need a external hard drive when upgrading a cucm appliance on MCS 7825 I4?

i am finding literature that indicates an external hard drive is required when upgrading appliances on MCS 7825 H3, however, i have a 7825 I4, but i am not finding any lterature that indicates i need the external drive during upgrade.

i am guessing that i may need the external drive since its kind of the same family of servers, but i just need to be sure.

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Do i need a external hard drive when upgrading a cucm appliance

Where did you see that?  There is no need for any external hard drive, nor is it supported for anything with CUCM. Perhaps you are confusing this with external flash drive which might be helpful to collect install logs should the install fail.



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Do i need a external hard drive when upgrading a cucm appliance

Hi Surendra,

In addition to what Mr. Chris has said, you canalways  refer the hardware compatibility matrix for MCS servers  with desired CUCM version to be upgraded.



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Re: Do i need a external hard drive when upgrading a cucm applia

Hi guys,

I believe Surendra is referring to this clip;

"For a Refresh Upgrade on                  HP7825H3 or HP7828H3 hardware                       from a version prior to Release 8.6(x), use an externally  powered USB disk drive with a  minimum size of 16 GB to migrate the data  from the old system to the new installation. For Unity Connection and                 Business Edition 5000, an  externally powered USB disk drive with a   minimum size of 128 GB is required. Cisco recommends that you use an  externally powered USB drive, because other drives may not be recognized  during the Refresh Upgrade sequence.


If you are upgrading your software on HP7825H3 or HP7828H3 hardware  from a version prior to Release 8.6(x),             there is no option to revert to the previous version of Cisco  Unified             Communications Manager. If you do not back up your system data  before starting             the software upgrade process, your data will be lost if your upgrade  fails. If you chose to revert to the prior version, you must install  the prior version and restore your data from your DRS backup."


There is also this bug;

MCS 7828-H3 and 7825-H3 doesn't boot up after RU with 2 TB External HD



In the document  available online there is no explicit mention that we need external  drive less than 500 GB or 2 TB. It is only mentioned that you need to  have a drive with at least 128 GB.


Refresh Upgrade on MCS 7828-H3 and 7825-H3 using external hard drive more than 500 GB.

COP file installed correctly, upgrade completed successfully to 8.6.2 and above.

Server failed to boot up with newer version.

Error seen on the monitor;

"Unable to download the kickstart file. Please modify the kickstart parameter

below or press Cancel to proceed as an interactive installation"



Here are USB drives that will work for the RU on MCS 7828-H3 and 7825-H3,

1.Thermaltake  BlacX ST0005U External Hard Drive SATA Enclosure Docking Station 2.5?  & 3.5? USB 2.0 & eSATA. This will take any Desktop SATA hard  drive. Inside the enclosure I tested with was a Western Digital WD2500  SATA drive (250GB)

2.Seagate Backup Plus 1TB portable USB drive (no external power)

3.Toshiba 500 Gb Canvio 3.0 USB External Hard Drive (no external power)

I don't believe there is any such requirement for the I4 or H4



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