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Does ccm4.01 only support skinny protocol?

I tried to register a phone to ccm, that phone has pre-installed sip image. From the sniffer, I always see the ccm return a 405(method not allowed) message. tried to register another phone with skinny image and no problem found.

Does that means the ccm can only support skinny phone to register?



Re: Does ccm4.01 only support skinny protocol?

Yes CCM 4.0 4.1 only support SCCP. CCM 5.X later has options for SIP endpoints


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Re: Does ccm4.01 only support skinny protocol?

How about ccm4.1(3)?

The bad thing is I do not have ccm5.x installed.

Where can I find a matrix to show which version support which protocol about ccm?

thanks for so quick response.


Re: Does ccm4.01 only support skinny protocol?

Check release notes for 5.x onwards

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Re: Does ccm4.01 only support skinny protocol?

Hi Hans,

Here is the related CCM 5.x and CCM 6.x info :)

Cisco CallManager 5.x Features

Call Forwarding Enhancements

Call Park

Call Pickup Group

CTI and CTI Super Provider

Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP)

International Dial Plans

LDAP Directory Enhancements


Personal Directory Enhancements

Phone NTP References for SIP Phones


Roles and User Groups


Service Enhancements

**SIP Line Side (Endpoints) Support

SIP Route Pattern

**SIP Third-Party Phones

SIP Trunk Enhancements

TFTP Enhancements

URL Dialing

Video Telephony Enhancements

Voice Quality Metrics

Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0 feature enhancements:

•AAC/iLBC Voice Codec Support

•Advanced Ad Hoc Conference

•Audible Message Waiting Indicator

•Barge Enhancements

•Call Diagnostics and Voice Quality Metrics

•Call Forward Enhancements

•Call Forward All Calling Search Space Backward Compatibility

•Call Forward Overriding

•Call Pickup Notification

•Cisco Messaging Interface Enhancements

•Cisco Unified Communications Manager T1 CAS Hookflash Transfer Support

•Connected Number Display

•Credential Policy and User Authentication

•CTI Enhancements

•Device Mobility

•Directed Call Park

•Do Not Disturb

•Hold Reversion


•Licensing Enhancements

•Log Out of Hunt Groups

•Overlap Sending and Receiving for H.323 Gateways

•MGCP T.38 Enhancements

•Privacy on Hold

•Programmable Line Keys

•SCCP Optimization

•SDL Traces

•**SIP Endpoints Support

•**SIP Third-Party Phones Enhancements

•SIP Trunk Enhancements

Hope this helps!


Re: Does ccm4.01 only support skinny protocol?

Hi Han,

As mentioned in the earlier posts that CCM 4.X does not support SIP. However if you have a SIP proxy server, you can form a SIP trunk between the UCM and the Proxy server so that the phones register to the proxy server.

I request someone to please validate if this is feasible or not.

If this is not a production environment then you can look for some open source proxy server -

The above link has a collection of "Open Source VOIP Software"

-> Sushil

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