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DPNNS/QSIC need help!!

Hi can you help

I have a custermer with a 2 meg link. Currently according to the ISDX programming at one end the link is DPNSS protocol between the ISDX and Cisco equipment at the other end-- i have had a look at the cisco end at it seems to be a westell IQ2000 which is converting the DPNNS to QSIQ- then to a vwic-on a cisco 2651 . The custermer wishs to run QSIQ from the ISDX side to the cisco side-

Do i just remove the converter and reconfig the 2651 as it can talk QSIC

the 2651 then goes into a callmanger enironment -- do i need to do anything there .

- any help will be great


Re: DPNNS/QSIC need help!!


Depends on the DX S/W level but if it is using Westell then it is because it does not support Q Sig only DNPSS - so you are struck . Ask the Customer if a new version of S/W on the DX supports Qsig

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Re: DPNNS/QSIC need help!!

thanks- yes the s/w can support SIG from the dx -- ive just had them check

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Re: DPNNS/QSIC need help!!

sorry i mean QSIG

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