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DPNSS/QSIG and Overlap receiving

I have a dpnss bearer connected to call manager via a Westell convertor IQ2000+ (configured using the inbuilt wizard). Works fine 99%. However, in certain call scenarios the DPNSS setup message exceeds the 45 octect limit and the message is broken up into two parts. The break always occurs in the called party address. The Westell forwards the the first half of the called party address in QSIG setup message minus the sending complete ie. CCM is set for overlap receiving but carries out digit analysis on the first half of the called party address. Inevitably leading to NU. Has any one else come across this. This is CCM 4.2.3


Re: DPNSS/QSIG and Overlap receiving

Change of en-bloc timer to 4 seconds to make the Westell wait for further packets

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Re: DPNSS/QSIG and Overlap receiving

Thank you for the response. This was the first thing I did. I thought this should work, but it didn't. The Westell didn't wait. I wasn't certain which direction this applied to. I will go back and look at my Westell revison of firmware. Thanks again

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