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Drop meetme if no onnet parties are on the call

I know I can drop an Adhoc conference call if no onnet parties are on a call. Is there a way that anyone knows of to drop a meetme if no onnet parties are or on a call? The issue is the meetme will stay up for 12 Hours if the offnet party doesn't hang up the phone which causes my customer to incur the 12hours of the toll free charges if the calling party used the customers toll free line to be transfered to the meetme.

They want to keep using the toll free number and I could lower the 12 hours but my customer would not be happy with a 6 hour call either.

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Re: Drop meetme if no onnet parties are on the call

Because a meet me conference is not an ad-hoc conference, the call will not go point to point when only 2 parties are left and it will not drop with only one party left. These are both ad-hoc conference feature. The only way to end the external caller's call is for them to hang up. If that disconnect is never received, then the call will stay up until the max call timer is reached. The only way to end that call automatically is to drop the max call active timer. This parameter is set on a system wide basis, so the numbers should take into account the max time you expect any one user to be on a call. If you set the number to 120, then any single call in the system that has been active for 2 hours will be dropped without warning.

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