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DSP Calculator

The DSP calculator has a screen that asks if you are configuring your VWIC T1 card for G.711 or G.729a. If you configure it for G.711 it says 2 DSPs. If you configure it for G.729a is says 3. The CLI commands are the same however. I have always chosen G.711 and and then added DSPs for transcoding. If a call comes in the PRI and has to be transcoded to G.729a, does it use the DSPs on the gateway reserved for transcoding for that purpose?


Re: DSP Calculator

Nop it should not use xcoders...that will depend of the call flow

but lets say regular call from PSTN:

T1 PRI -- H323/MGCP -- IP Phone 7960

DSP -----------

When using G729 that requires more MIPS, since codec conversion from PCM to RTP-UDP-IP G729 requires more operations

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Re: DSP Calculator

How does the local G.711 configured gateway transfer a call across the WAN to the Voice mail server that is configured for G.711? Is it G.711 all the way or does the local GW convert the call to G.729a using the region then terminates it G.729a on the GW across the WAN and a DSP on that remote GW is used to convert it back to G.711?

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