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DSP Conference Issue

I have a 2801 cme with a pvdm2-16 and a pvdm2-8. The 16 is fab 3 and the 8 is fab 4. I appear to be unable to setup max sessions, choice is 0 only. A TAC guy said the dsp's did not support conferencing. I disagree as they look the same as any other dsp I have ever looked at, g711 voice/fax. I do not see any special part number when ordering dsp's to differ between dsp's that can or can not do conferencing?

Any ideas what I should do, why I am unable to configure max sessions or even configure max participants for g711? It only lets me conf max participants for g729 but again, no max sessions other than zero. Also, I can not select voice card 1 only can select voice card 0. The 0 is the pvdm2-16 and the pvdm2-8 is in voice card slot 1...???

Please advise.


Re: DSP Conference Issue

I disagree also.

Those DSPs DO support conference.

But I imagine that the reason why you are not able to add conference resources is because those DSPs are already assign to Voice Termination.

Remember that CONF cannot share resources in the same DSP (not PVDM, you have 1 PVDM2-16 and 1 PVDM2-8 per model you only have 1 DSP)

with XCODING or VT.

Do you have any FXO or T1 that may be using those resources?


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Re: DSP Conference Issue


What did you mean by "per model you only have 1 DSP" Do you mena that each dsp card, regardless of capacity can only be used for one device at a time? So, If I have voice termination and conferencing, then I must have 2 dsp cards, not just one big pvdm-32?

There is currently an fxo in the router but it is currently unused. There is also 2 T1 cards connected with a crossover cable that is providing software conferencing. I am in process of changing from the crossover setup to hardware conferencing as soon as I have handle on what needs to be done. There is also another 2 mft card with 2 sip trunks which should not be using any dsp's.



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Re: DSP Conference Issue

I'm also unable to configure conference bridge on my 2801 with 1 PVDM2-8 although I don't have any voice card inserted into the router.

According to the DSP calculator 4 G.711 conferences or 1 G.711-G.729 conference should be possible with this hardware...

... 15 minutes later ;)

After reboot of the router I'm now able to configure "maximum session 1" in conference profile.

I guess DSP was still allocated by (already deleted) transcoder and that was the cause of the problem. I don't know if there is any other way how to dealocate DSPs - but reboot helped.

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