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New Member

DSP for VG224

Does VG224 used for wallphone and Fax need to config dsp profile for ccm? I have already 2 ISR routes with enough DSP resource configured with CCM. Shall I configre DSP again in VG224? I think I have enough DSP for xconding, termination and conference , so no need to perform it in vg224, but is there any problem ?

Cisco Employee

Re: DSP for VG224

The DSP's on the VG224 are only used for local voice processing and cannot be registered with the CCM as a SCCP controlled transcoding/conferencing resource.

So you don't need to do anything :-)

New Member

Re: DSP for VG224

Thanks Sir. I have another 3 question about Caller System Transfer and User System Transfer in Unity COnnection need your kindly help.

I encoutered some trouble when testing User System Transfer in Unity Connection.

I have configured a restriction which deny 90 and permit *. And assign this restriction to COS-Deby90, also assign this COS to user-TOM.

But it seems it can't match my requirement.

I setup a Openning Greeting with input 9 to Caller System Transfer.

Now when user get through to this CH and press 9, and input TOM's user-id and passwd, he still can call 90xxxxxx.

What's wrong?

Another question pertaining to this, the transfered cal almost need to waiting much more time to be transfered, because the symbol '#' in unity connection just means the end the command rather than the end of the number, SO how can I transfer the call as soon as possible in UnityConnection.

Another question about Caller System Testing.

In openning greeting , i configured input 9 for Caller System Transfer. But when user input 9 and input the called number, the prompts 'not be transfered to this number' was received. And not only to call PSTN number and also to call the extension in CCM (also in UnityConnection) , I'm sure both the css and PT are OK. What's wrong?

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