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DSP on 2800 and 3800 series


I would like to know whether the cisco 2800 and 3800 are fitted by default with DSP ressources, or do we need to order systematically DSP modules.


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Re: DSP on 2800 and 3800 series

If you order voice, ccme or srst bundles, these will come with DSP resources sized proportionally to the platform (form pvdm2'8 to pvdm2-64). If these are not enough for your needs, or you order something different from a voice bundle, you will need to order pvdm2 modules separately.

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Re: DSP on 2800 and 3800 series

A T1 voice bundle comes with a PVMD2-16 which is not enough for 23 channels of voice, I suggest using the DSP Calculator to determine the right number of DSPs for your application.

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Re: DSP on 2800 and 3800 series

As I said above, iy depends on the platform.

First, there is no T1 voice bundle for the ISR, the T1 / E1 / BRI/ FXO /FXS cards must always be ordered separately.

Second, starting with the 2825 that bundles with a PVDM2-32, it is enough for T1 or E1. The smaller platform would indeed need additiona; modules for a full T1 or E1.


Re: DSP on 2800 and 3800 series

Hi kayih

just to add to the above posts, here is a very good resource that will cover 2800/3800 platforms capacities, PVDM2 Slots Available and Cisco IOS Versions Required for Media Support



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