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DSPFARM Security

Hi Guys,

I'm configuring the "dspfarm profile 300 conference security" ... do you know in which version of IoS the security in present ? i'm searching in the Feature Navigator but i don't find any information, and the command reference said that this command in introducet in 12.4.(11)XW .... i have 12.4.15T10 ... (but is not present).

Thank you


Re: DSPFARM Security

AS you said, the "dspfarm profile" command was introduced in 12.3(8)T version and the security keyword from 12.4(11)XW.

Could you please run the following commands as shown below in my example

and provide me with the input of this please:


Router#show ver

Router(config)#dspfarm ?

codec Configure codec related parameters for DSPFARM service

confbridge Specify the conferencing related parameters values

connection Specify the dspfarm connection related parameters values

profile Specify the DSPFARM profile information

rtp Specify the RTP related parameters values

transcoder Specify the transcoding related parameters values

Router(config)#dspfarm profile ?

<1-65535> Profile ID

Router(config)#dspfarm profile 1 ?

conference Profile type Conference

mtp Profile type MTP

transcode Profile type Transcoding

Router((config)#dspfarm profile 1 conference ?

security Enable security for the dspfarm service

Router((config)#dspfarm profile 1 conference security ?

Router((config)#dspfarm profile 1 conference security


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