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New Member

DST Confusion

I am looking for some clarification on the N/A DST changes this year. If I read the CCM OS updates, it looks like there are OS updates that address DST changes. But I also see CCM patches that contain DST fixes. Why does a CCM patch need to be applied to correct DST changes? Isn't that all handled by the OS?

I guees this question also applies to Unity, CER and IPCCX.

Any info would be helpful.




Re: DST Confusion

The CCM app needs updating for time/date functions in call manager (if you have different devices in different time zones, etc). Other things where time may be off are reports, time of day routing, etc.

There is a standalone CCM DST patch available for CCM 3.3(5), 4.1(3), and 4.2(3) to correct it in the Call Manager application. This update only needs to be ran on the publisher server as it updates the database, and SQL replication will carry changes to subscriber servers.

For Unity, there is not a cisco notice yet with details. They did put a DST update file on the unity downloads page. Theres some readme's in the ZIP file.

Link to Unity DST patches :


Description : Unity_DST_Patches

CER needs same OS updates as CCM and IPCC Express/CRS.

CER Notice:

IPCC Express/CRS, needs a fixed OS version.

DST fix is in IPCC Express version 3.5(4)SR2 which is due out Feb 20th or so. IPCC Express 4.0(1), 4.0(2), 4.0(3), 4.0(4), 4.5(1) just need a JRE update. 4.0(5) has fix in it. Anyone lower then 3.5(4) needs to upgrade to newer version to get fix.

IPCC Express Notice:

New Member

Re: DST Confusion

Thanks for the info. This is very helpful. The link you sent for IPCCX doesn't cover express. It only covers enterprise (that I can see anyways). Do you have a link for express?



Re: DST Confusion

It is in that doc, under Customer Response Solutions (CRS). CRS is another name for IPCC Express - which is currently known as UCCX.

Cisco Customer Response Solution (CRS)

Includes: Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, (UCCX, formerly IPCC Express) Cisco IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR) andCisco IP Queue Manager (IP QM)

New Member

Re: DST Confusion

This is great information thank you for posting it.

However I have some customers with call manager 4.0 and I dont see any patches for that. What do you do in that situation?



Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: DST Confusion

Hi Bob,

Like you have discovered, there are no patches for CCM 4.0 through 4.1.2 :( I don't know why Cisco made this decision but they did. You can either upgrade to 4.1.3 sr4d or 4.2.1 (pretty short notice) or apply the manual work-around shown below;

Cisco Unified CallManager 4.x and below Operating System DST Fixes

Versions of Cisco Unified CallManager 4.x and below run on the Cisco IP Telephony (IPT) operating system (that is, the Cisco version of Microsoft Windows 2000 build.) Therefore, to obtain the 2007 DST changes required for the operating system, customers with the proper support contracts are advised to apply the appropriate OS patch - 2000.4.4sr2 or higher, 2000.4.4a, 2000.4.4asr3a or higher, 2000.4.2sr15 or higher, and 2000.4.3asr8, or any higher OS release,

CCM OS Manual Workaround 3.x and 4.x

On the new US DST date, Logon with sufficient privileges to CCM Windows Server (starting with Publisher)

Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Date and Time

Adjust the time accordingly

Click on TimeZone tab

Uncheck the Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes

Click Apply or Ok

Repeat steps for all servers in the cluster.

When DST ends in the Fall, the clock would have to be manually adjusted again using the same method described in steps 1-3 and 6-7 above. Please note, however, that manually adjusting the clock on CCM servers could result in a conflict in time which may produce time synchronization issues.

From this doc;

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I hope this helps!


New Member

Re: DST Confusion

Hi Rob, that is a HUGE help, thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

It doesnt look like the end of the world however so thats a good thing. A manual adjustment of the dst is fairly minor compared to upgrading ;-)

thanks again!

New Member

Re: DST Confusion

Hi Rob,

Would you happen to know the procedure or how the DST changes are done for CCM 3.3(3), Unity 4.0(3), Exchange 2k, IVR 3.1(2) & IPCC 6.0(0) by any chance?

I'd really appreciate your help.



Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: DST Confusion

Hi Sulabh,

Here is some more info for DST look at the first doc for links for IPCC etc. For CCM there is a patch for 3.3(5)sr2 not 3.3(3) but you can use the manual work-around;

U.S. Daylight Saving Time (DST) Changes for 2007

Field Notice: FN - 62669 - U.S. Daylight Savings Time Policy Changes Effective March 2007 - for Cisco CallManager

For CCM Readme;

For Unity Field Notice;

Hope this helps!


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