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DST patch work for anyone?

So, I finally just finshed scrambling to updgrade our call managers from 4.1(2) to 4.1(3) (including the OS upgdrade to 2000.4.4a) only to realize that the DST patch released for 4.1(3) doesn't work.

Even though I'm in Central time zone, I still have to set my "date/Time" group to Mountain zone, which is another hour behind us, just to get the right time to display on the phones..

I was on here a month or so ago and saw a thread going with folks having the same issues. Well, anything under 5.x at least.

So does this mean we're all going to run into this DST issue again come November, and again next spring?

Did the DST patch really work for anyone? I even updataded our phone joy. Phones are all 7940/7960.

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Re: DST patch work for anyone?

I'm not real happy about it either. I did apply the patch for my Unity Server 4.0 running on 2003, but just yesterday that server's time was off again. We're going to upgrade sometime soon. So I'll just manually go thru the headache.

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Re: DST patch work for anyone?

Well good luck. We upgraded because we were under the impression that upgdrading would cure our DST issues. Big negative. After doing some more research on the image we upgraded to, 4.1(3), I found a bug ID that says "DST didn't take affect, adjust time manually." Isn't that nice after spending 5 hours in the NOC room.


Re: DST patch work for anyone?

DST Patch has to be the last patch installed on the box. If this was not the case, then you will have to re-install the patch.

Not to forget you need to install the latest SR of OS 2000.4.4a on the box as well. Docs do mention OS 2000.4.4a SR2. If that was not done, then the time on the operating system is still going to be out of sync which would cause CM time also to be out of sync.

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