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DST Phone/ CTI RP affecting IPCC que

This morning we had a IPCC script kick off an hour early. Looking at the IPCC the time was correct in the system tray, and looking at Overall IPCC Express Stats in real time, we could see that the time was correct.

The subscriber was off an hour and the check-box for auto adjust for DST was not checked. This caused all phones in the system to be an hour off.

I changed the system time on the sub, and checked the box for DST and reset the phones and they came up with the correct time.

The publisher was on the correct time.

My question is that if the phones and CTI RP were off an hour would this cause the que to notify incoming calls that the business was open or closed?

CCM is 4.2(3) SR1 with only the 4.2(3) DST_Update applied. (Still figuring out why the entire DST patch was not applied.)

IPCC is 4.0(4)SR01

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Re: DST Phone/ CTI RP affecting IPCC que

Depends on where you are checking time. If you are checking time via TOD routing in the CallManager, then that time would affect when the script started.

If you pass all the calls to the script in IPCC no matter what time and let the script decide then it was off there.

In IPCC, there is a JRE patch that needs to be applied in addition to making sure it has an OS load that covers DST.

Re: DST Phone/ CTI RP affecting IPCC que

We are not doing TOD routing in call manager. I do know that the JRE patch and OS patch needs to be addressed (Still working that) but my issue is that what is the best method to verify the time that the CRS engine is going by to start open/closed scripts? The only obvious thing that I saw was the time off on the sub.


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