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DTMF delay

Im trying to narrow down a few issues with DTMF.   While DTMF is working.. it is slow in responding.  Any numbered dialed into the system, if you dial fast, it fails, if you dial slow it works. 

PSTN----2800/MGCP---CUCM 5.x----SIP trunk-----Conference Bridge

MTP is configured and working on the trunk and MGCP (software only CUCM)

I cant recall if there is something in CUCM to fix this in the services.    When we dial from an IP phone, DTMF works fine.  Which kind of points to the router.


Cisco Employee

Re: DTMF delay

Can you post your MGCP config and a 'show ver'?  There are a couple of MGCP related DTMF bugs that may be of concern.  When you say it 'fails', is it not recognizing anything, or is it recognizing the wrong thing.  I know there is a bug where DTMF bleeds through in-band, and will cause duplicate DTMF.

Post the information requested, and we can see if you are susceptible to any of these caveats.

Re: DTMF delay

Im trying to get the sho ver right now.. for example, conference PIN, if you type fast, it fails.  If you type slow, it works.   I have not done a debug to see if there is duplicates yet or?

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