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DTMF duplicated in Genesys IVR

Hi all,

I have this sceneario:

PSTN(PRI)---GW---(mgcp)----CUCM 8.5------(sip)-----IVR Genesys   and     CUCM 8.5 ----(sip)------Other IVR  (the CUCM 8.5 is the same node)

When I call from pstn to IVR and I try dtmf , this is duplicated in the IVR. When I try from ip phone, dtmf works fine.

In CUCM , the SIP TK to IVR Genesys is configured with dtmf method RFC2833 and MTP required unchecked.

The  IOS is 12.1.4M4, and is configured with (in CUCM)

mgcp dtmf-relay voip codec all mode nse

I found a bug:

DSP isn't told to "turn off" digits with mgcp dtmf-relay nte-gw / nte-ca



When using mgcp dtmf-relay type nte-gw, a sniffer trace will reveal that digits are sent both in-band (within the audio stream) and out-of-band (dtmf-relay). Because of this, double digits can be seen in Unity and MeetingPlace.

GW with PRI/CAS backhaul via MGCP to CUCM and mgcp dtmf-relay configured to use nte-gw.

Use mgcp dtmf-relay type out-of-band.

I saw any MGCP NTFY message in a capture packet from GW, I used the workaround (Use mgcp dtmf-relay type out-of-band.) and the dtmf duplicated issue was fixed!

Like I need to use dtmf RFC2833 to Other IVR, then  I think that need to force a dtmf rfc2833 only (not permit OOB dtmf)  in the IVR Genesys or change the IOS in the GW to fix the bug....or perhaps there are other recomendation?

Thanks in advance!!!


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DTMF duplicated in Genesys IVR

Hi Ivan,

I too had the same issue for which i made the MTP required yes and DTMF is OOB and RFC2833.

later it worked.

I assume that MTP is required because the dtmf method by Genesys is different with CUCM.

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