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DTMF issue over SIP Trunk to OCS


we have the following scenario with OCS integration:

MGCP GW --> CUCM 6.1 --> Mediation GW --> OCS Conference IVR

When i call from the PSTN to the OCS Conference IVR, it should be possible to send DTMF and interrupt the women speaking. But when i press some digits on my phone, the women is still talking.

I tried some settings in the SIP Trunk from Callmanager to Mediation GW and on the MGCP Gateway that can change DTMF.

I did with no sucess. I also checked the Media Termination Point Required in the Trunk.

I have no idea what to do next and why it is not working with the DTMF.

When i call from the PSTN on a Cisco IP Phone that is on the Callmanager, DTMF works well. I hear the DTMF tones.

I hope someone can help me with this issue.

I also have a trace file with a non working call to the IVR and pressing some DTMF. I upload this when needed.

Thanks a lot for help...


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