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E1 card and dial Problem

we use a E1 card for inter connection of semiens PBX and cisco . all the numbers are able to dial except few saudi arabia numbers.where the same number can be dial from semiens PBX.


Re: E1 card and dial Problem

This problem is caused by the use of a high complexity codec while the default codec complexity configuration for the HDV module is medium. To resolve this problem and to allow the usage of high complexity codecs, issue the codec complexity high configuration command from voice card configuration mode. The modules with the default complexity set to Flex (for example NM-HD-1V) can handle both high and medium complexity codecs. Therefore, the problem does not occur unless they are explicitly configured with medium complexity.

Note: To change the voice card codec complexity, remove all voice ports bound to the card and remove the configuration from the E1 or T1 controller. The output shows the successful change of codec complexity to high after removing all the voice port configurations bound to the card.

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