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E1 & FXO Card on same CME

Hi all,

i have one CME box and i have one E1 card and one FXO card also on it, i am running H.323. my scenario is some of the phones should go to PRI interface after pressing 9 key and some should go to FXO card after pressing 9 key .... about the dial peer i know that we will configure different port for routing the call towards pri or fxo, but i have doubt that how the phone will get to know that it has to go via FXO or via PRI after pressing the same key "9" ????? if any one has done work on same scenario or if some one have idea or if it is possible then please share it ... thanks in advance ....


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Re: E1 & FXO Card on same CME

It would depend on your dial-peers. The path the call takes depends on the closest match. If your looking to use the PRI for long distance and the FXO for local you could.

dial-peer voice 91 pots

destination-pattern 91???.

port 1/0/1 <-----FXO port

dial-peer voice 9 pots

destination-pattern 9.

port 2/0/1:1 <----- PRI port.

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Re: E1 & FXO Card on same CME

no both line i want to use for same purpose ... i mean both line would be for local and international ...

any other suggestion ...

thanks for reply


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Re: E1 & FXO Card on same CME

Use the same destnation-pattern in both dial peers

and configure a preference command under one of the dial peer (preference 1 )to give a priority to one over the second.

so you calls always will routed to the first dial peer if its not available it will go to the second one because it has the lower priorty.

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Re: E1 & FXO Card on same CME

yah preference option is there i know about it .... but i dont want this :) i want that selected phone should get the PRI line for through kal after press 9 key or some phone should get FXO after press 9 key ... with preference if PRI line is free and the users who were suppose to go via FXO they will get line through PRI which i dont want !!! i want to restrict users that these users should have to go this way and other have to go that way ...

any other suggestion please !!!

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