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E1 voice call and Modem Call configuration


I'm facing some issues with a config in my AS5400 :

In fact i have a PRI link and i wabt to use it to support @ the same time Normal Voice calls from the PSTN and Modem Call from users who want to connect to the internet:

1- i want to configure the E1 to support Voice calls from normal PSTN users

2- the Same PRI, i want it to support Modem calls from users that who want to connect to the internet from the PSTN.

What i want to do is that to use the same timeslots @ the same time and dynamically for users of voice call and users of modemcalls.

I have configured the PRI to support voice calls and it works great (normal config of PRI)

But the problem is how to configure the same time slots to be used by modem calls and how to distinguich between the 2 types of call to treat them differently!!

Plz i need urgent help !

thx in advance.


Re: E1 voice call and Modem Call configuration

The reason is that ISDN PRI signaling rides on top of the T1 physical layer. To check whether the T1 Layer 1 runs properly, use the show controller t1 command. Ensure that there are no errors on any of the counters. Ensure that the framing, line coding, and clock source are configured correctly. Refer to the T1 Troubleshooting flowchart for more information. Contact your Service Provider for the correct settings.

The link has the configuration section information.

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Re: E1 voice call and Modem Call configuration

Thx a lot jsivulka. I appreciate ur help

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