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+e164 or site codes and EM issues- opinions

What is the best way to use E164 vs Site Codes vs +E164

 Why use not   +e164and why use a Line CSS for call barring

Site A has all users with a DN on their profile as AABBBB

Users can EM to other locations

Device CSS only have emergency PT in it

Users in region can dial BBBB but outside must dial AABBBB

Line CSS has Call barring and TP PT's ( TP PT are used to expand the BBBB to the AABBBB if a user dials BBBB only )

Users are encouraged to dial the full DN AABBBB

They have a soft client with Device Mobility configured

Users added via AD with a DN of AABBBB


My question is

  • I thought Cisco was pushing people to configure the DN as +E164 profile particular with AD, Click to Click etc so additional TP's are not required
  • Since my company are looking to push users to dial via apps then why not make use of the +E164 DN since users will not need to dial numbers going forward - speed dial, contacts all on the desk top app
  • If they want to use AABBBB as well as +E164 then use TP's to translate from AABBBB to +E164 but have the DN as +E164
  • Why have the Line CSS to carry out the barring which increases the number of line CSS


Line CSS - there are 5x Line CSS plus 1x Device per site, which means for every site added there will be 6 x new CSS. The thinking behind this is so users can EM to another region say France and still dial their home colleague via the BBBB number due to their Line CSS on their Profile.

However how many  users will EM out side of their  region  and if they are,  they will be laptop users so they can make use of Click to Call which is configured with +E164 and so reduce the "need" for key pad dialling outside of their region


I've seen various Cisco docs and they also seem to suggest the Line CSS Call barring approach due to EM - but why if a company make use of desk top dialling method? I think they should use +e164 and go back to Line/ Device based CSS with the Device CSS controlling the call barring- any idea's





Johannes Krohn did an awesome

Johannes Krohn did an awesome presentation on E.164 dial plans at Cisco Live this year. Go to and search the on-demand library for "BRKUCC-3000 2014 San Francisco" and you should find it. The PDF is a good reference, and the session video is well worth watching. It should answer most of your E.164 questions.


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