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E20 Register to 3rd party h323 server?

With the new firmware update, has anyone tried to register an E20 to say a Polycom CMA with H323?   I know in the release notes that h323 only supports VCS registration, but anyone try this?


Re: E20 Register to 3rd party h323 server?

See this link it dose not say only with VCS

Since h323 is standard protocol then should be same concept in all venders

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Re: E20 Register to 3rd party h323 server?

Good news! The E20 registered to the CMA and made calls to other Polycoms with no issues. The video though on the E20 is much better than the Polys were testing with. Now, if Cisco could only get the E20 to dual register H323 and SIP, it would be perfect. I could get it to dual register and receive calls via SIP or H323, but I could not select the line for outbound when I had both registered.

The release notes for the new firmware say it only supports VCS h323 right now… but it worked for me with the cma.

Re: E20 Register to 3rd party h323 server?

If you register the E20 as SIP only the CUCM or vcs will take care about protocol interworking or translation

So you can dial the e20 in e164 format for example and vcs or CUCM config can covert t to a sip uri address and send it to the end point

With vcs calls between different signaling protocols such as sip and h323 require interworking/traversal License and the signaling and media path will be via the vcs

Not sure about CUCM in this case

Hope this help

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Re: E20 Register to 3rd party h323 server?

That would be perfect, but the customer does not have VCS. ☹

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