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EM with different CSS


My client needs feature like this, When user stays in normal phone (7945) he should able to get calls only internal, But when user logs to EM he needs to get calls to External + internal. How can I assign CSS to EM profile ?

User should have same number with same partition. 

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There is no way to do what

There is no way to do what you want if you are going to be using the same number and partition on the phone, and on the EM profile, that is going to be a shared line.

Also, using the same DN is only going to cause trouble due to the best match routing CUCM uses for call routing, this has been discussed before several times at CSC.



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Hi Jamie  ok, If you are

Hi Jamie 


ok, If you are using same number with different partitions, one DN will be used for EM profile, So when users log out from EM what will happen for incoming calls ?




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If I understand it correct

If I understand it correct you will block external incoming calls and allow internal incoming calls.

Wouldn't that do the trick:

put EM profile numbers in PT-EM 

put logged out numbers in PT-OUT

assign the gateway a CSS which can only reach EM-Numbers (PT-EM) while phones get a CSS to reach all numbers (PT-EM & PT-OUT)

In that case internal calls will be received in any way and external will only be received when the user is ligged in


correct me when understand something wrong.




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Hi, Myself and a colleague of



Myself and a colleague of mine have achieved such a requirement from a client although it is an administration nightmare.


What you can do is this, by the user's device profile, line settings, under "phone unregistered internal", you will need to code in the actual device's auto-registration directory number or which ever number you have configured onto the phone and allocate it with the necessary calling search space, example: IBM_Internal. Remember not to tick the voicemail check box as that will take priority as to where to route a call when your users are not logged in their phones. 



Reason this could be a admin nightmare is if a user then gets given another phone is you need to remember to go change that number which a users calls will be routed to every time you give them a new device.

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