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Emergency Responder 7 Installation login

I've followed the CER 7 installation as a new publisher.

Now that the installation is done is showing a DOS screen with a login

I've already login as administrator but i'm not sure what to do.

Is there any GUI interface?

We just purchased CER and we are not familiar with it.

Any help will be great.

Right now i have a black screen with the Admin:_




Re: Emergency Responder 7 Installation login

CER 7 is a linux based platform. The only way to administrator this CER application is via web. You need to use internet explorer and browse to the IP Address of the box. The CLI is for OS administration and not application. So with that said go to http://x.x.x.x and you will be sent to a webpage. Choose CERAdministation and login.

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Re: Emergency Responder 7 Installation login

thanks a lot.

One more quick question.

I didn't have time to write down the MAC of the server to get the license.

How do i retrieve the mac address again?

Re: Emergency Responder 7 Installation login

You can do at the CLI a "show tech network interface" and it will show it..

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