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Emergency Responder 911 route point question?

Hello all,

For CER 1.3(2), should the 911 route point be placed in the phones or E911 partition? In the CER administration guide table 3-1 shows the 911 route point being assigned to the phones partition, but NOTE above that section states that the 911 route point will be in the E911 partion. Which is correct? I pasted below note from the administration guide.

You must list the E911 partition before the Phones partition for the

following reason: When the user configures the translation pattern 911 or

9.911 (see the ?Creating the Translation Patterns for 9.911? section on

page 3-18), the 911 Route Point will be in the E911 partition; phones

cannot look into the E911 Partition. The 911 Translation Pattern is in the

phones partition and gets the E911CSS. When the E911 partition is listed

first, it matches the 911 Route Point and the call goes to the Cisco ER

server as intended. If you make the error of listing the Phones partition

first, the Translation Pattern keeps searching, resulting in a fast busy



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Re: Emergency Responder 911 route point question?

All that really matters is that the CTI RP can be reached by the phones. I myself like to have a 911 Translation Pattern in the site specific partition and the CTI RP in 911-PT, while the CSS assigned to the phones do not have direct access to the 911-PT. This way I can ensure that 911 treament can be different at each site if necessary. You also want to have a failover scenario of 911 Route Pattern in CER-FAIL Parition that is only listed in the CERFAIl-CSS assigned to call forward options on the CTI route point.



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Re: Emergency Responder 911 route point question?

I'm coming in to "finish" the project. The solution is a single site setup with a single CER server. At present all phones are in the NONE (null) partition. All phones have a CSS that gives them full access to the NANP. Translation pattern 911 and 9.911 are in NULL partion as well an the Translation Patterns have E911 CSS. CTI route points are in the null partion as well with unrestricted CSS. Will the above mentioned setup work?


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Re: Emergency Responder 911 route point question?

Using paritions is never a good idea, but to stick to your design. Put the CTI RP in the 911 Parition and it will work for you.

Again, I suggest you revisit your none parition design as you may quickly find out there are things you cannot do with call routing with this approach.



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