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Emergency Responder bug CSCsg26527

Does anyone if this bug is going to be fixed? On the current 1.3(2) version and get this now and then and need to reboot. The bug id saids to reboot and it is listed as fixed in bug toolkit but no version or patch is available with a fix. I have been to TAC in past on this with no luck on a real fix either.

Rebooting a server is not a fix.


Re: Emergency Responder bug CSCsg26527

The status is Resolved, while checking bug details it says that in 2.0 is fixed...

Upgrades to Cisco ER 2.0 can be performed only from Cisco ER 1.3(1a) and 1.3(2).

Re: Emergency Responder bug CSCsg26527

Ok, thanks. Is version 2.0 available as a upgrade yet? Is there a way the visible bug id can say 2.0 as fix so I can see that part? From what I can find on 2.0, it sounds like it is appliance based version and not windows?


Re: Emergency Responder bug CSCsg26527

Yes its an applicance model, there is doc...

Here are the part numbers for upgrading, which afaik were orderable since last month

In regards to the DDTS:

Version 1.3(1)

To be fixed in 2.0

Apply to 2.0(0.0.227

Im not able to edit it now, will check that.

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