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Enabling Intercom Support on EM Enabled Phones


So, what I am trying to accomplish should theoretically be rather easy but I am running into an issue when adding the "button" tied to the intercom line. What I have done thus far is added a new ephone entry:

ephone-dn 300

number 10200

name Intercom

intercom 10200 label Intercom


Then when attempting to add the "button 6:300" to the ephone profile associated with the phone, I get the following message:

ephone 39

button 6:300

Please configure under logout profile for em enabled phone

Now, the only logout profile is "logout profile 1":

voice logout-profile 1

user phone1 password 12345

From what I have read, if using the CCA, the approproate entry would be placed under the voice user-profile, but I have not had success with that as there is no button option.

Anyways, does anybody have any ideas? I had been following this guide for a normal Intercom Line config:

Thanks in advance!

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