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ephone hunt groups-help requested

In office ephone hunt groups: We have 4 hunt groups defined:

ephone-hunt 1 sequential

pilot 200

list 311, 308, 302

final 600

timeout 5, 5, 3



ephone-hunt 2 sequential

pilot 201

list 314, 309, 302

final 101

timeout 7, 7, 7



ephone-hunt 3 sequential

pilot 202

list 316, 313, 301

final 102

timeout 7, 5, 5



ephone-hunt 4 sequential

pilot 203

list 308, 302

final 103

timeout 5, 5

Problem is that if a call goes to the hunt group, and the last extension does not have DND ON, it will just drop the call with a busy signal. If I turn off DND on the phone, it gives a "Logged out of hunt group" message. For example, if a call comes in and the user presses 0 for operator, it will go to 311, then 308, then 302 and if no answer is supposed to ring all phones, BUT if DND is off on 302, it drops the call with a busy signal. I have tried searching for an answer but am unable to find anything related to this specific issue. I think using HLogin would work better, but do not have enough experience with it to make a decent recommendation. Do you have any suggestions or solutions for this?

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Re: ephone hunt groups-help requested


never seen a problem like you describe. I routinely use HLog softkey for hunt-group, this requires that you:

1. define hunt hlog under telephony-service

2. configure hlog in the ephone-template

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does

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