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New Member

Error Log: Phone Unregistered and Rebooted during a phone call

Dear all,

we've had a case of a SIP 8961 Phone rebooting while on a phone call.

Could you help me interpret, from the logs below, what actually happen. PArticularly if it's a Firmware Problem or a network connectivity issue?

1) USer made a phone call @ 11:44.
2) After about 5 minutes, the phone call dropped and the phone rebooted itself
3) As soon as it came back up, user manually reinitiated the phone call

What can we tell from the logs below?

The log history underneath has been simplified for sake of simplicity:

2014/03/10 11:44:26.979 CcSetupCompReq                         call_active                    
2014/03/10 11:44:26.979 CcSetupRes                             call_initiated1                
2014/03/10 11:44:26.979 CcSetupCompReq                         NA RemoteSignal                
2014/03/10 11:44:26.979 CcSetupRes                             restart0                       
2014/03/10 11:44:26.979 CcSetupRes                             wait                           
2014/03/10 11:44:26.980 CcSetupRes                             call_remoteinuse               
2014/03/10 11:44:26.980 CcSetupRes                             translate                      
2014/03/10 11:44:26.980 StationOutputCallInfo                  restart0                       
2014/03/10 11:44:26.980 CcSetupRes                             inCall_proceeding              
2014/03/10 11:44:26.980 StationOutputCallInfo                  restart0                       
2014/03/10 11:50:40.556               << -- THIS LINE IS SHOWN BELOW:                                                            
2014/03/10 11:50:42.682 LineRegisterReq                        wait                           
2014/03/10 11:50:42.682 LineRegisterRes                        line_register                  
2014/03/10 11:50:42.684 CtiDeviceRegisterNotifyWithLineInfo    wait                           
2014/03/10 11:50:42.684 CtiDeviceRegisterNotifyWithLineInfo    NA RemoteSignal                
2014/03/10 11:51:38.028 SIPSetupInd                            wait                           
2014/03/10 11:51:38.028 SIPSetupInd                            wait                           
2014/03/10 11:51:38.028 SIPSetupInd                            await_setup                    
2014/03/10 11:51:38.028 SIPSetupInd                            null0                          
2014/03/10 11:51:38.029 CcRegisterPartyA                       restart0                       
2014/03/10 11:51:38.029 CcSetupInd                             restart0                       
2014/03/10 11:51:38.029 CcRegisterPartyA                       call_initiated1                
2014/03/10 11:51:38.029 CcSetupInd                             call_initiated1                

222174105 |2014/03/10 11:50:40.556 |100 |AlarmErr | | | | |  |AlarmClass: CallManager, AlarmName: EndPointUnregistered, AlarmSeverity: Error, AlarmMessage: , AlarmDescription: An endpoint has unregistered, AlarmParameters:  DeviceName:SEP3CCxxxxxxxxx, IPAddress:X.X.X.X, Protocol:SIP, DeviceType:540, Description:Phone1, Reason:6, IPAddrAttributes:0, LastSignalReceived:SIPConnControlInd, CallState:123456-disconnect_request11, AppID:Cisco CallManager, ClusterID:StandAloneCluster, NodeID:CRM-SUB-A2,



Reason 6"ConnectivityError -

From the log, we see Reason 6 as the reason CUCM thinks the phone unregistered.  This is ofcourse only half the story.


Reason 6 is...

"ConnectivityError - Network communication between the device and Unified CM has been interrupted. Possible causes include device power outage, network power outage, network configuration error, network delay, packet drops, and packet corruption. It is also possible to get this error if the Unified CM node is experiencing high CPU usage. Verify that the device is powered up and operating, verify that there is network connectivity between the device and Unified CM, and verify that the CPU utilization is in the safe range (you can monitor this via the CPU Pegging Alert in RTMT)."


Anthony Holloway

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Hi,Are you facing this issue


Are you facing this issue on all 8961 phones? The reason being to ask for is that if you are facing this issue for single phone model then we have to look for that accordingly i.e. only for 8961.

But if you are facing for all the models of phones and that too often, then the possibility of network issue is more.

Also if you are facing for some phones then you can check the power source i.e. from where those phones are getting power (are all from the same source) then you have to look into that switch.



Nishant Savalia

Regards, Nishant Savalia
New Member

Dear all,thank you very much

Dear all,

thank you very much for your replies. I am sorry I didnt see them before, but I've had some trouble with the remake of the ciscofourms website and I couldnt find my post anymore.


Any way, that one is the only phone of that kind in CUCM, so I can not tell if it's a FIRMWARE related problem, however, if 6 confirms that is a network issue I have found a case that might exaplain what happened. Please find the links below for your reference:



Thank you,



Were the console logs from

Were the console logs from the phone still available?  Might be a good idea to check the phone's web page and see if any crash files were generated or any interesting status messages.

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