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Error updating user-locale to US

Using CME 3.3. 
Cisco IOS Software, 2600 Software (C2691-IPVOICEK9-M), Version 12.4(25d)

Attempting to update user-locale on 7912 phone via telephony-service command and get error of 

cme_router(config-telephony)#user-locale US
Updating CNF files

%Error deleting flash:SEPDEFAULT.cnf (No such file or directory)
%Error deleting flash:XMLDefault.cnf.xml (No such file or directory)CNF files update complete



I do a cd flash: and run dir.

Shows other files her but not 2 files mentioned above. 

However it does show XMLDefault7912.cnf.xml with 786 bytes and crashinfo_20020301-022926 with 198274 bytes

crashinfo_20020301-022926 is full of entries with each entry having a date of 10:00:42 GMT Fri Mar 1 2002 (which is the date the router was before I updated via clock set command)


Any ideas are appreciated




Hi @johncheetley,Under

Hi @johncheetley,

Under telephony-service global configuration type the following:

 no create cnf-files

 create cnf-files

Then, try again and let know.


Martin, IT Specialist

New Member

Hi Martin,Thanks for your

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your response.

Here is updated actioning details

cme_router(config-telephony)#no create cnf-files
CNF files deleted

cme_router(config-telephony)#create cnf-files
Creating CNF files

%Error deleting flash:SEPDEFAULT.cnf (No such file or directory)
%Error deleting flash:XMLDefault.cnf.xml (No such file or directory)CNF-FILES: Clock is not set or synchronized,
                retaining old versionStamps


Directory of flash:/

    1  -rw-    30172148                    <no date>  c2691-ipvoicek9-mz.124-25d.bin
    2  -rw-        4802  Feb 28 2002 15:17:15 -23:00  admin_user.html
    3  -rw-      657587  Feb 28 2002 15:17:57 -23:00  admin_user.js
    4  -rw-        1602  Feb 28 2002 15:19:02 -23:00  CiscoLogo.gif
    5  -rw-         953  Feb 28 2002 20:49:48 -23:00  Delete.gif
    6  -rw-       16344  Feb 28 2002 20:50:20 -23:00  dom.js
    7  -rw-         864  Feb 28 2002 20:50:54 -23:00  downarrow.gif
    8  -rw-        6146  Feb 28 2002 20:51:47 -23:00  ephone_admin.html
    9  -rw-        4658  Feb 28 2002 20:52:30 -23:00  logohome.gif
   10  -rw-        3724  Feb 28 2002 20:53:43 -23:00  normal_user.html
   11  -rw-       81443  Feb 28 2002 20:54:24 -23:00  normal_user.js
   12  -rw-        1347  Feb 28 2002 20:55:05 -23:00  Plus.gif
   13  -rw-         843  Feb 28 2002 20:55:44 -23:00  sxiconad.gif
   14  -rw-         174  Feb 28 2002 20:56:17 -23:00  Tab.gif
   15  -rw-        2431  Feb 28 2002 20:57:20 -23:00  telephony_service.html
   16  -rw-         870  Feb 28 2002 20:57:54 -23:00  uparrow.gif
   17  -rw-        9968  Feb 28 2002 20:58:56 -23:00  xml-test.html
   18  -rw-      341498                    <no date>  cp7912080004sccp080108a.sbin
   19  -rw-      340247                    <no date>  CP7912060000SCCP050124A.sbin
   23  -rw-         786                    <no date>  XMLDefault7912.cnf.xml
   26  -rw-      198274                    <no date>  crashinfo_20020301-022926

32047100 bytes total (196248 bytes free)

As you can see. There is no file called SEPDEFAULT.cnf under this location. Unless its hidden or some other reason.

BTW. I have tried to update routers clock setting by below method to no success. Each time I turn router off/on, it goes back to year 2002

Step1: Router#config t
Step2: Router(config)#clock timezone PST -8 00
Step3: Router(config)#end
Step4: Router#clock set 00:36:00 16 Nov 2013
Step5: Router#sh clock detail
00:36:24.083 PST Sat Nov 16 2013
Time source is user configuration
Step6: Router#clock update
Step7: Router#copy run start

Hey John,What IOS version are

Hey John,

What IOS version are you using?

Can you check in the Compatibility Matrix if it's supported?


Martin, IT Specialist

New Member

IOS version is 12.4(25d

IOS version is 12.4(25d)

According to the matrix. Their versions are 12.4(24)T

so I guess I cant update the user-locale

With the other issue of the internal clock, I can't even save that to the startup-config file.

New Member

When router boots up, where

When router boots up, where does it get its clock time from. NTP server or clock calendar please?

Depends on how you configure

Depends on how you configure the device. NTP has prioritiy over the internal clock. If you have an NTP server configured the router will syncronize with it.

Can you attach the ouput of the following commands as a txt. file?

 - show flash:

 - show running-config

 - show startup-config (just in case)

 - show clock 

 - show calendar

Waiting for your answers.


Martin, IT Specialist

New Member

Please find attached text

Please find attached text file as requested. 

All commands in order as requested.

Thanks again Martin

@johncheetley,I've attached a


I've attached a .txt file commenting some practices over you configuration. Please, check it and tell me if that could help.

I put some questions because I don't understand exactly why you have some stuff configured like that.

Let me know.


Martin, IT Specialist

New Member

Thanks Martin. Get back to u

Thanks Martin. Get back to u soon



New Member

Hi Martin,Yes. is

Hi Martin,

Yes. is the default router. 

Default router in Data_Scope pool is for Data_Vlan with ip address of

I can remove the router rip command. I had forgotten about that

Purpose of the static routes was to enable the cisco router ( to see the default router ( to see the switch ( for each to ping each other. So that when phone gets ip address i can ping them

Might have to remove some of them


I will remove the ntp master entry

Thanks again for your time..please let me know your thoughts..:) :)



New Member

1 more question if i can

1 more question if i can please Martin.

Where would i go to (if you know) to get a mentor for cisco voice?

Do you know of any mentoring programs?

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