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Error when using IP Communicator with Vista

I am having trouble getting IP Communicator running on Vista.

When logged on as the USER, when I try to launch, I get the error:

Communicator - Exception Error

Could not find network adapter needed for registration


After clicking "OK", CIPC will immediately close.

When I log in as an ADMINISTRATOR, when launching, I get the following error:

Cisco IP Communicator - Information

The network interface you chose for audio does not have a valid IP address. Select 'OK' to choose different interface, or 'Cancel' to exit.

[OK] [Cancel]

If I click "Cancel", I get the same Exception error that the user gets, but CIPC does open, although it only has a blue screen (not BSOD).

If I click "OK", the Preferences window opens. If I click "Cancel" from that screen, I get the same Exception error. If I click "OK", then CIPC opens fine.

This happens every time I open CIPC.

I believe this is referring to the setting in "Preferences | Audio | Network".

When I go into that setting, "Audio IP Address" is set to "Detect automatically" and I can see my current IP to the right, but it is grayed out (as is I believe normal behaviour). The "Audio Port Range" is set to "Use the default port range" with a range of 16384 to 32768 shown and grayed out.

I am using Vista Enterprise edition.

I have tried both versions 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 of CIPT, both of which are supposed to be Vista compatible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Error when using IP Communicator with Vista

The error is thrown when CIPC audio network settings auto detect IP, which would be desired for multiple NIC devices. Selecting a particular NIC removes the symptom, but does not offer the flexibility of multiple NICs (e.g. wired and wireless).

Let me know


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Re: Error when using IP Communicator with Vista

Thanks for the quick reply!

Unfortunately, I don't have access to the laptop at the moment, so I will have to try this later.

I did try selecting the "Use this address" when I had the laptop, and this did not solve the problem.

I would like to add that I installed CIPT on a similarly equipped (Dell D630 instead of D620) laptop with Vista, and it works fine.

On both systems, I noticed that in the Audio Network settings, under "Use this adapter's address:" it only lists the wired NIC (Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller), and NOT the WNIC (Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG).

This might be a problem as being a laptop, it would mostly be using the wireless connection.

When booting the laptop (the working laptop) into XP, the Audio Network has both adapters selectable.

Hopefully the user will come in later and I will be able to work on it today.

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Error when using IP Communicator with Vista

I have to faced same problem. You should install ( click rigt >> run as Administrator). After installiaction when run program you have to ( click rigt >> run as Administrator) as well.

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