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Exchange TFTP Info Between CM and IP Phones

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the amount of TFTP info exchange between CM and IP Phones. We are checking and during the day, the Ip Phones sent and receive a lot of information from CM using SCCP. But using SIP the amount of traffic is minor.

Did you know how we can reduce the amount of traffic for the ip phones that are using SCCP?


Cisco Employee

Exchange TFTP Info Between CM and IP Phones

SCCP will always use more messages than SIP due to the nature of SCCP endpoints being "unintelligent" so the server has to tell them everything it must do, down to play ring tone and stop playing ring tone.  The signaling traffic though shouldn't be concern since it a small fraction of that of RTP traffic on the network. 

There is a CallManager service parameter "Bundle Outbound SCCP Message Timer" which will cause CUCM to wait a little while before sending out a packet in hopes more SCCP messages can be bundled together to reduce the number of packets that have to be sent.

Exchange TFTP Info Between CM and IP Phones

Hi Joe,

Thx for your reply. The point is that the customer told me that approx.  he have the amount of 50 GB

per day of TFTP traffic in their monitoring tool.

Keep in mind, that im talking about one main site and 14 remote sites with IP telephony.

Did you know about other parameter to check this issue?


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