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Existing call was terminated automatically

We're experiencing the existing call was terminated automatically after a certain number of calls were initiated later. After user firstly found this case, today morning we still experience this problem again when we tested call between site1 and site2. We can make 7 calls from Site1 to Site2, but within 5 minutes, 5 channels of existing call at that time were terminated automatically. After that we went to site1 to capture packet in case this scenario might take place again, however, 3-4 times of test in the afternoon did not cause this problem at all. So we have nothing to analyze.

Anybody have some ideas for this situation? What's the problem come from PBX or Voice Gateway?


Re: Existing call was terminated automatically

The CDR includes two call termination cause codes: OrigCause and DestCause. When the originating party releases the call, the OrigCause gets populated. When the terminating party releases the call, or the call is rejected, the DestCause gets populated. When unpopulated, the termination cause code value shows zero.

For the further description following URL may help you

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Re: Existing call was terminated automatically


Have you configured CAC between the two sites?

If there are more calls than the WAN can support all calls go wrong. This can cause that the PBX or the Voice Gateway terminate the calls.

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