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Expired messages are not deleting automatically

hi all

i have a Cue 8.6 installed and expiry days of my messages is set to 5 days, after 5 days my messages should be deleted automatically, but not happening in my case, when i listen to messages its playing expiry messages first.

please help me, i ll be very thankfull for your suggestions...


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Expired messages are not deleting automatically

Hi Tariq,

This is the expected behavior in CUE voicemail

set ups. The Message Expiry config forces the user

to deal with messages that are older than the "set"

expiry limits. CUE does not automatically delete these

expired messages

Message Expiry

Voice mail messages are not stored indefinitely. The system default       message expiry is 30 days.

With use of the CLI or GUI, the Administrator has the ability to do       these things:

  • Set the expiry time individually for each mailbox

  • Change the system default (this affects all new           mailboxes)

The expiry time can not be disabled altogether; but it can be set to an       extremely large value, so that the expiry is essentially disabled.

Expiry time is set at mailbox creation. Even if you change the system       default, it does not affect the mailboxes that currently exist.

Expiry time begins at message arrival time. The new or saved state has       no effect on the expiry calculation.

A user receives an expiry notification when he or she logs in for the       first time after a message is tagged as expired. The user has these       options:

  • Listen to the message.

  • Delete the message.

  • Save the message, which resets the expiry time for the           message.

To see the system expiry time:

  • Issue the show voicemail limits and check           the Default Message Age value.

  • Choose Defaults > Mailbox from the           GUI.



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Expired messages are not deleting automatically

Thanks rob i really appreciate for your quick and valuable comments, kindly tell me is there anyway to delete expired messages manually either from gui or cli....?? because these messages are large in number can't delete them one by one manually from phone...


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