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Expressway Jabber MRA no audio & disconnect


I am facing issue when using Jabber through MRA using Expressway "C" & "E". I hear no audio on anyside whether using Jabber Windows or iPhone and the call disconnects after about 40 seconds. But internally they're working fine.

My deployment is single NIC and I am using the following:

CUCM : 10.5

IM&P : 10.5

Expressway C & E : X8.2

Jabber iPhone : 9.6.3

Jabber Windows : 9.7.4

Also, attached detail of the call.

Thank you.


 I gathered you are using


I gathered you are using Router on stick deployment for Expressway E, if yes;

Please ensure in ExpressWay E, System>IP

- Use dual network interfaces is set to NO

- ipv4 static NAT mode is ON and address has been set to public IP


Best is to enable logs to level 4

Please ensure and check logs at Expc and ExpE and you need to look for, if Expressway C is communicating with Public IP address of Exp E and if not then it could be one of the reason.

Also I am assuming, Unified communication status is all active and you can see no of SIP Audio calls there.




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What was your resolution here

What was your resolution here?

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