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Extend & Connect Question - Jabber 9.6.1 with CUCM 10.0.1

I have CUCM 10.0.1 and Windows Jabber client 9.6.1.  Jabber is to be used as 'phone only'.   I can use Jabber as a regular softphone just like CIPC (using PC for audio for calls), but I can't seem to get Extend and Connect to work.  We don't have the presence server installed, so I'm not sure if that is the reason it won't fully work.  I followed this guide and double checked my user config (permissions, associations with the DN, remote destination, access control group, etc, etc) and I checked the CTI remote device config and device for Jabber itself (defined as a CSF device).  Everything looks ok when I compare it to this doc.

Here's what's not working.  I can use the Jabber client just fine for strictly PC use (Jabber uses PC for audio for the calls).  When I select "Use other number for calls" in Jabber, there's nothing there even though I already have a remote dest already setup and associated witht the CTI remote device I created.   If I try to manually add a number there to see what will happen, I get this message:  "The CTI server is not configured.  Contact your system administrator."    

Now, that new remote dest I created/associated with the CTI remote device actually does work.  I mean, if you call my DN, that remote number WILL ring and I can answer the call there and I can even see that call active on my Cisco desk phone....but when I look at the Jabber client, it doesn't show a live call.   And of course, if I call OUT from my Jabber client, it won't try to connect the call first to my remote number.  It'll just use Jabber as voip only (PC for audio).'s sort of working....but not really.  Extend and Connect isn't working.   Jabber works fine only used as a softphone using the PC for audio.

I noticed at the end of the configuration guide for extend and connect, it mentions this:  "Cisco Jabber for Windows requires a Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP Phone (CCMCIP) profile to retrieve device names and settings from Unified CM. For more information about CCMIP profiles"    Then it goes on to describe some config that you do in the "Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Administration or Cisco Unified Presence Administration interface."  

So...does that mean that you MUST have the CUPS (Unified Presence Server) installed before this will truly work with extend and connect?



Jabber for Windows uses CTI

Jabber for Windows uses CTI to control the extend and connect destination. Normal use case is when you have Jabber IM but do not have Cisco phones yet.

Phone mode is only a SIP softphone. To use CTI and additional features you will need IM & Presence server but you should not need (to buy) any additional licenses. 


Thank you.  I was afraid we'd

Thank you.  I was afraid we'd have to eventually install the presence server anyway.  I guess it's not a big deal, but we'll need a little help from our vendor to get it done.   One of the reasons I want to have extend and connect working is not just because of adding users that are at a site that aren't on the Cisco core CUCM yet, but to also allow remote workers to pick what they want to use for the audio path for calls, like if they're working at home and would rather use their home phone as the device to talk on, but use Jabber to control the call.  We have people doing that with Avaya already and we need to be sure we can do it with Cisco too.

By the way, is there something wrong witht the discussion forum?   I'm not seeing any udpates to the views and I didn't even see your reply here until I got email notice.   Looking at the main page, I see my posting, but it showed 0 replies....but when I actually click on my post, then I see your reply.   Also the site is very slow.  Are there known problems right now with the discussion forums?

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