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Extension Mobility and Device-specific DNs

We currently use Extension Mobility for our IPCC Express Agents, so they can hot-desk. We are soon to have a separate application migrate onto IPT, but it routes calls to specific numbers, and these DNs ideally need to stay with the phone. However, they can't be part of the base phone as the EM device profile overwrites the base phone configuration. Similarly, we can't add the DNs to every agents' device profile as they may or may not be part of the group of agents handling calls for this new application.

We almost need a merge of base phone configuration and device profile configuration, which isn't possible. Is there another way round the issue of maintaining device-specific DNs alongside EM user-specific DNs on the same device. The only obvious workaround is a second phone (which is currently the case) with the existing voice application on analogue telephony.

VIP Purple

Re: Extension Mobility and Device-specific DNs

Two options that might work:

1. Create 2 device profiles for users, one with the needed DNs, one without. They could choose the proper profile when loggin in to EM.

2. Use IP Communicator with EM. The physical phones would always have the same DNs and users would log in to EM using IP Communicator to get their personal DNs.

Hope this helps.


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