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Extension Mobility and reachability with a default extension number vs. the

Hey All -

I have a concept that is holding up an enterpirse rollout I am involved with and really need some expert feedback.

I have a customer that has temp teachers that will log into phones in a classroom they are working for the day.

Each classroom has a common DN (phone extension) set on the phone and administrative staff NEEDS to have reachability to ALL classrooms in the event of an emergency and a parent or staff needs to reach that particular class. Here is the issue:

This customer initially worked with the Cisco loacl account team on putting this design together and the local Cisco SE informed them that this reachability through the common DN would be "no problem" EVEN if a temp teacher was logged in with Extension Mobility. Let me give an example of this scenarion:

CLASSROOM 1---------------------7942 phone------------------------line 1------------------has extension number 5000

* this number is how office staff would normally reach the class

A temp teacher logs into CLASSROOM1 phone with their Extension Mobility profile and the phone changes to:

CLASSROOM 1------------7942 phone----------------line 1-------------has extension 5001 (that temp teacher's Device Profile extension)

If the office staff tries to call 5000, unless it is set, on the phone, to forward on failure / unregistered to some other "reachable" number, I get a "fast-busy"

I am really at a standstill with trying to find a solution or workaround in order to accomplish this and really need any feedback to accomplish a solution to this .........or, if this is, IN ANY WAY, possible with UC 6.1.........possibly with using Mobility, instead of Extension Mobility, or a combination of BOTH!

I welcome ANY IDEAS, at this point.....

(I have a TAC case open, BTW and am waiting to hear back from them, as well)

Thanks, Folks............

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Re: Extension Mobility and reachability with a default extension

I assume that the teacher with extension 5001 can login on any phone thus having a second line with a fixed number 5000 in the profile is not an option. Here is one suggestion:

create a seperate profile for each teacher-classroom, so that when they login in class room 1 then use Classroom1 profile that has extension 5000 on line 1 and 5001 on line 2, assuming they have 794X/6X/7X phone type. So, depending on how many classrooms you have you would have that many profiles per teacher.


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Re: Extension Mobility and reachability with a default extension

I have done numerous school installs.Always the phone is tied to the classroom. Why does a temp teacher need to login? Is it for VM?

In most cases I have done the classroom extension always stays the same and the teacher in that room is given VM on that extension if they move, then the VM extension is changed to reflect the new rooms extension. But, temp teachers or subs are really never given VM.

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