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so we have three types of phones, 7912, 7940 and 7960. users would require logging into all the different types of phones, therefore, one week a person tat usually uses a 7912 would require to log into a 7940 etc etc. the reverse would also be required.

How is this configured?

i have created different DP for the model phones and have created the UDP.

any direction would be greatly appreciated


Re: Extension Mobility CCM 5.1

Would it not be best just to create one UDP per user using any of the phones above? Any particular reason why your users would be logging into different phones on a regular basis or do they hot desk quite a lot? It doesn't matter if a user with a 7912 UDP logs into a 7960 phone.

(Taken from Cisco document):

If your user logs into a Cisco Unified IP Phone model where the user does not have a configured user device profile, the login profile will not match the login device on authentication. In this scenario, the system loads the default device profile for that phone model onto the phone, and Cisco Extension Mobility works as described here:

?The system copies all device-independent configuration (that is, user hold audio source, user locale, userid, speed dials, and directory number configuration except for the setting "line setting for this device") from the user device profile to the login device.

?The system uses the default device profile for that phone model for phone template and softkey template configuration and, if the phone can support addon modules, for the addon module.

?If the phone model supports Cisco Unified IP Phone Services and they are configured, the system copies the services from the user device profile.


Re: Extension Mobility CCM 5.1

a lot of the staff at the head office moves around to the branches on a monthly basis.

right now i have them associated with their particular phones but id like to use EM to allow them to log on anywhere with that same DN. let me see if i can explain clearly.

1. User has extension 2000 @ HEAD OFFICE

2. user has to work @ Branch A temporarily

3. User wants the same extension number etc to follow him/Her

Here is what i did,

i created a UDP for each user. i was assuming i could have associated that same user with all the different phones for example

Ann's profile to 7912 DP

Ann's prifle to 7941 DP

etc etc

i cant do this because ANN's profile is already there and gives a duplicate error. Now the simple thing is to rename the profile accordingly like ANN'S 7912 PROFILE. i was just wondering if that was the correct method to do that.

Also, to enable EM on the phone itself, i have to add an SURL. EM does not come up when i try to add from the phone but it does come up when i log into the CCMUSER page. is there any reason why or is that how it is supposed to work? (Under the button i get a description of when trying to configure the phone buttons itself"


Re: Extension Mobility CCM 5.1


did a few tests and got it...thanks for the help

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