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Extension Mobility - Log Out Profile DN's


i'm trying to implement extension mobilty in CUCM 7.0. I've tested the main features of mobility with success:

- Create phone profile and subscribe with mobility service

- Subscribe phone to mobility service

- Add end user and associate with profile

I log in with user credential and all it's working. final goal is to implement this situation: force all users to log in to the phone to be able to do the kind of calls they are permitted (based on CSS, paritions applied to DN's and route patterns).

So i'd like to have a situation like this:

- before login, the phone is not able to do any calls

- after accessing mobility and logging in as a user, the phone takes the DN and is able to do the calls binded to DN's parmission.

To implement this situation, i tried to do this:

- cancel the line from the phone (so, before login, the phone has no DN associated)

- login with user credential and go

The problem is that the phone requires a "log Out Profile": whitout it the phone is not able to log out. A Log Out Profile requires a DN associated, so my question is:

if i have 3000 phones that must be used with Extension Mobility...i need 3000 DN's for user profiles and other 3000 DN's for Log Out Profile  ? (that are unused because i don't want the phone making any calls without login).

Is there any other method to accomplish my goal ?

Thank you.


Re: Extension Mobility


Traditionally on most of the sites that i have worked on when using extension mobility you have the user DN's which are tied to DDI's (and have dialling rights) and then you have the logged out extension which is in an arbitary range which doesn't clash with anything.So in answer to your question yes you do need to sets of extensions.



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Re: Extension Mobility

Hi Rob,

Just to add a note to the good tips from Mark (+5 mark)

Don't forget that you do want a DN on the phones during Logout

that have 911 access at least. Like Mark nicely noted you can use

a range of "phantom non-DID" numbers here or I believe you can use the

same DN as in the profile as long as it is in a different Partition. If it

is in a different partition you can assign any level of CSS restriction.



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Re: Extension Mobility

Thank you Mark and Rob,

do you mean that i can use the same Log Out Profile with the same DN (in a different partition from others DN's) for all IP Phones (with no logged users) ? Can this create a conflict or some other problem in CUCM database ?

I will try tomorrow on test enviroment...

Thank you.

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