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Extension mobility setup.

I have a user who frequently travels between two offices. When he logs in to any IP phone of site 1 he should be assigned particular DN . When he logs in to any IP phone of site 2 he should be assigned another DN.

can this be done without creating two device profiles for this user?


Re: Extension mobility setup.

If you are having 2 separate CCm cluster, Why not let him logs in with his DN on both site? manually configuration of the phone (TFTP server) would be necessary.

New Member

Re: Extension mobility setup.

so sorry i didn't give u enough info. the two sites use thesame cluster. (located at site1) site 2 just has a gateway with SRST for redundancy. and still need the DN to be different when logged on to phone on either site without having to create two user device profiles for this user.

is this possible ? if i have to create 2 user device profile, how will i bind each of the profiles to either site?


Re: Extension mobility setup.

You will need to create 2 profiles for this issue. Only way to use one single profile for the user would be to either assign both the DNs to one single profile on 2 different Line Buttons or create a Translation Pattern for the 2nd Location DN such that it routes calls to the same Extension. When you use the second option, calls to either of the number would reach the extension that has been assigned to the phone.

So if you dont want to use 2 Device Profiles, these are the options available

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