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Extension Mobility strange recommendation on CUCM 6.1.3

Hi All,

My customer needs strange behavoiur to be deployed on EM on CUCM 6.1.3 as follows:

He needs the original extension number to be dialed when user logged in to that phone with different extension number.


   original phone number is 1000 ; user X with extension number 1001 logs in to that phone.Now when user Y called 1000 or 1001 it should ring to the phydsical   phone.


It is variable;i mean any user can log to that phone(conference phone) & it should ring to both 1000 & user extension on that phone.

Any ideas??

Cisco Employee

Re: Extension Mobility strange recommendation on CUCM 6.1.3

EM wipes out the config from the phone once you log, so it cannot retain the old DN.

CUCM is not a wizard that could tell on which phone you're at, to create a TP and route the calls to that new DN.

There is no way to achieve what your customer wants.

Unless you instruct all EM users to call you to tell you the DN, then you create a TP for that purpose, and then when they log out, delete the TP. I see no way.



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Re: Extension Mobility strange recommendation on CUCM 6.1.3

I beleive this can be done with some advanced scripting - but you will be extending the functionality to depend on an in-house app!

I have seen perl/php scripts that work with CCM to achieve some interesting stuff.....

I am not so big on scripting so not able to tell you how much work is needed to get this done!

I guess, for your requirement, you will need the script to store in a database all DNs against the MAC of the phone, and then everytime an EM user logs in, record the new DN against that MAC and then at the same time the script should insert a TP to translate the old DN to the logged in DN. Then when the user logs out, or the system logs the users out, the script should then remove that TP.

So, in summary, there would be 2 seperate DN fields (1st for all originals (this shouldn't change), 2nd for EM changes) against all MACs on the CCM datastore. The script is marely looking for any changes in the new_DN field for any MACs on the CCM datastore. Whenever there is a change in the new_DN field - i.e. when EM is used (now that the orig_DN field no longer a match with new_DN value = EM has taken place), script will need to insert a TP as discussed.....and delete when the fields are a match once again!

SEPXXXXXX12399159915EM not occured
SEPXXXXXXABC92001000EM occured

Will be interested to know why your customer wants such solution? What is the nature of their business??



Re: Extension Mobility strange recommendation on CUCM 6.1.3

Did you try to use the second line on Device Profile?

Like before login Ext=1000 (Physical phone) , After login Line1=1001, Line2=1000 (Device Profile)

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Re: Extension Mobility strange recommendation on CUCM 6.1.3

good idea but this will still need to be automated somehow I guess as we have no control over which phones the user chooses to

log into!!!?!!

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