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Extension numbers strip out in CCM


I have CCM 7 installed and using 2821 with FXO controlled via MGCP to access PSTN. We have got monthly report about international calls from provider. The issue was that it showed my external extensions as long as my externa numbers. Not I need to make CCM strip internal extensions to make this report proper.

Does anyone have solution?

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Re: Extension numbers strip out in CCM

It would be best if you provide an example of what you're seeing and what you want to see.



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Re: Extension numbers strip out in CCM

We have got 7-digit dialing in the city. For example I got an report from PSTN Provider which indicates that a number +99412 1234567 9876 has 50$ to pay. But I need not to see that red digits that indicates an internal extension number.

Thank you!

Re: Extension numbers strip out in CCM

I think it's still not very clear what you are looking for.

Are you looking at CDR billing data?

Are you looking to modify the calling number in CUCM before sending it to the Telco?

Are you looking to modif your call routing in some way?

Any more details you could provide would help us to make sure you're getting the answer to the question you're asking.



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Re: Extension numbers strip out in CCM

Every month I'm getting a list of bills from Telco provider which consist of list of my external e.164 numbers with amount of money I should pay. And when I look at them it shows not only external number, but an extension, too. Besides, there was for a lot of times when we got calls from telco. They complained us that we are sending full PSTN number and extension, too. I checked all the route patterns, they have offnet call clasification with a fixed calling party transform mask. I'm using mgcp gateway with a bunch of FXO ports bundled into route group in CCM

My appologizes if my explanation is not clear

Thank you all

Re: Extension numbers strip out in CCM

Thanks for the clarification, I think it makes sense now :-)

I think I am hearing that you would like to modify the calling number in CUCM before it is sent out to the Telco so that the calling party is always the same independent of which directory number places the outbound call.

I assume the Telco is also giving you a list of numbers which are being called to and from.  Try putting those numbers into the dialed number analyzer on the serviceability page, this will tell you exactly what route pattern, route lister, route group, and gateway/trunk the call is hitting as well as what number transformations are taking place at each step.

I suspect that you have the checkbox for "Use calling party's external phone number mask" set somewhere along the way.

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Re: Extension numbers strip out in CCM

Thank you, Adam, for reply

I've checked all the route patterns, nowhere that box is checked. So, dialer analizer is the next step to take.

Here is a digit analyzer output it the attachment. I've called 4973737 from 1199 extension.

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