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Extension on VPN registers with the Public IP of the device, why?

My SPA9000 behind an RV082 router works really well with its one local extension and the satellite office with 4 extensions behind a RVS4000 router connect to the head office with Gtw2Gtw vpn connection.

The problem I'm having is with a mobile phone loaded Symbian S60 v3 OS using 3G connection and a vpn client by NC? , the vpn connection connects to the RV082 either as group2gtw or client2gtw vpn. The mobile phone can ping any computer at the head office but fails with its connections to the SPA9000

The image shows the group vpn connection coming in with an ip addy of, the route table gets updated with the vpns static address of The trouble starts when the SIP client on the mobile phone connects to the SPA9000 and registers with dynamic public IP of the mobile phone.

The last image is proof that the device is seen by other applications behind the RV082 with the correct private IP.


Am I missing something??? Why would the SPA9000 register with the stations public address.

When I use the mobile phones VOIP app using WLAN on the RVS4000 network everyworks fine. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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