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Extenstion Mobility for UC520


Im trying to configure extension mobility on a UC520 box but it just is not working. All commands are accepted and as far as i can see ive configured it as per the configuration guide from cisco - but i just get "authentication failed" when i try and log in.

Relevant config is attatched.

Thanks for the help!


Re: Extenstion Mobility for UC520

you can configure extension mobility as long as you are running the at least version 4.2 of the Cisco Unified CME. You can find out the version you are running by typing "show telephony-service".

If this is the case, you can configure extension mobility for your ip phones registered to the UC 520 by following the instructions from the following


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Re: Extenstion Mobility for UC520

Sorry, should have given some background here!

I upgraded to 4.2(7) i think. I say i think, because something strange happened.

I downloaded the latest UC520 software pack (4.2.7 off the top of my head) which i think used to upgrade the CCM box.

I tftped the updated IOS onto the box, changed the boot statement, formatted the flash, tftped the new files onto the box ( that came with the package i downloaded from cisco) and then changed the phone load commands etc under telephony service and the flash tftp server commands for the phone loads.

Once this was done i rebooted the box. IT came back up, and then would accept the extension mobility related commands (before i did the upgrade, it would not take the "logout profile" command)

however, even though it would take the commands, a "show telephony service" still tells me the box is running 4.2(0) even though ive cleared out ALL of the old files.

Am i missing a command to make it upgrade? I used the "archive tar /xtract tftp://" command to get the files onto the box..

thanks for your help

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