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Extention mobility: identifying a particular phone by help desk staff?

Hi everybody.

I'm wondering what your approach would be to the following:

An end user reports to the help desk that one of the phones in a shared office room was obviously stolen. The setup within the company's voice service is such that extention mobility is heavily in use. I.e., the user uses several different physical phones over the course of the week and maybe over the day. Since the user only knows about her/his personal telephone number and, of coures, not about the MAC address or such of the phone: how could the help desk staff identify the phone still, in order to add information to the trouble ticket allowing for removal of this particular. stolen phone from CUCM?

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards,



Extention mobility: identifying a particular phone by help desk

Hi Holger,

Since this concerns the physical security of the IP phone, there isn't much that can be done of cucm for this specific issue. One thing that could be done is to capture the output of 'show cdp neighbors detail' from the switchs to which the phones are connected ( assuming they are spread over diff floors / switches ) as it captures the mac addr of all the Cisco  ip phones and then compare the output with it if a phone is reported stolen. If you notice any change in the number of IP phones in the output from a switch then the mac addresses in the two outputs can be compared to find the missing phone. You can check if it works in your environment though.



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